Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach Peerless Credit Services?

We are located at 449 Eisenhower Blvd Ste 120 in Harrisburg PA. 17111.

Our phone number is 1-800-745-8171 or 717-702-2000, and our fax number is 717-702-2007.

What accredited organizations is PCS a member of?

We are Members of:

American Collectors Association

Keystone Chapter of AAHAM

Philadelphia Chapter of AAHAM

Practice Office Managers Association of York

PA Collectors Association

How long have you been in business and how extensive is your experience?

Peerless began providing service in 1982.  We have combined average staff experience of over 10 years per employee.  Our President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Collection Manager are all part owners of the business.

What is your debt recovery rate and experience?

According to the American Collectors Association the national average recovery percentage for a collection agency is approximately 14%.  We consistently average 90-100% higher than that average!  Unmatched results along with personalized service are the keys to our success!

When should accounts be placed with a collection agency?

Historically the percentage of accounts collected by in house efforts drops off considerably once an account reaches 60 – 90 days in self pay.  As soon after 90 days as possible will optimize your recovery.  Sooner if you utilize a Pre-Collection service.

How can I begin placing accounts for collection with Peerless?

Either by mail, fax or dropping your electronic file to our secure website.  We can input accounts to our system either manually or electronically.

How much does it cost?

Pre-Collection services are charged a nominal per account fee.  This service is typically cheaper than your cost to generate a past due notice to the consumer.  For contingency collection plans, you pay nothing until we have done our job and have collected money for you.  Some customized plans have been designed to pass most of the cost to the consumer, making your cost very low.

How do I monitor the status of your progress?

We can customize the frequency of your analysis reports and account status reports to meet your needs.

Do you provide attorney services and when will I know if I need one?

Yes. We have an attorney that represents Peerless Credit for debt recovery services in PA, as well as a national network of attorneys that enables us to pursue debtors anywhere in the country. When it becomes apparent that the efforts of an attorney are needed to help collect an account, we will discuss this with you to get your approval.

How soon does Peerless pay us after successfully receiving payment from a debtor?

Payments are remitted to our clients on or near to the 7th of every month.  Remittance types can be Net, Gross, or Mixed.

How do your rates compare to other collection agencies?

Our rates are competitive and you receive full service.  We do not gauge our level of service based on your fee.  Our goal in every instance is to return to you the largest netback amount possible, and  based on our experience and history, we have achieved some of the highest results in the industry!